Cholla - The Artist Is A Horse

Cholla - Artist Is A Horse

Highly intelligent, creative and wonderful.
He was a painting horse indeed!


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Cholla was an Award Winning International Artist
who was born from a Mustang Stallion
and a Quarter Horse mare.
A copper buckskin standing 15.2 hands
weighing 1,300 Lbs.
When Cholla was in his younger years he
was a Volatile Time Bomb.






written and recorded by, Renee Chambers

Love Song for Cholla ~ YouTube


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Cholla's Art Has Sold in 31 States,
5 Countries, and on 3 Continents!
(Be the first in your state, country, or continent
to collect Cholla's Art and receive a special certificate)

Watch Cholla Paint

Video Footage
of Cholla Painting,
on YouTube!

Cholla Creates Art 11/6/12

Just Months Before He Passed, Cholla Created "Purple Heart"

Only Cholla applied paint to his creations, and
no one moved or rotated the paper or easel.

Horses are powerful yet sensitive.
Majestic creatures on this planet Earth!
Cholla's intelligence is supreme and he is directly
connected to the universe, as we all are.

The images of flowers, horses, birds and other
animals are quite evident in Cholla's creations,
as these are what he saw each day.

Only GOD knows how this is possible.

CHOLLA was not trained to paint.
It was his keen interest in
observing Renee painting
his corral fences that
inspired his desire.

Read "CHOLLA FACTS" to learn more.


CHOLLA Was a Masterpiece Himself


Cholla's behavior is considered "of scientific interest"

by the ethologist, Mainardi

Mainardi, (one who studies scientific animal behaviors)

who writes about Cholla in his new book "The Intelligence of Animals":

"I admired Cholla in some videos, running free, and at the easel.

He picked up the brush and spontaneously began drawing his signs.

His most astonishing behavior is shown in a sequence when at first he

experiences some difficulties in holding the brush with his mouth,

then spontaneously begins moving it using his tongue and teeth,

until he succeeds reaching the desired position;

only at this point he starts working at his painting.

Believe me, this is  not a little thing.

It seems to show consciousness and intention,

because the horse acts without any obligation.

He does it because - this is what it seems - he wants to do.

Cholla does not behave like a trained animal.

Horse Jumper One Purple Heron Nectar

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Cholla's originals and limited edition fine art
giclee prints are for sale!

Cholla painted his originals by holding a true
artist's brush with his teeth while standing at his easel.
He painted on 140-Lb. cold pressed fine grain Canson water color
paper using Windsor & Newton or Holbein water color paints.

Cholla's limited edition fine art giclee prints are printed on
professional weight water color paper using archival
water color inks with an 8-color printing process.  All prints
are numbered and documented and come with a COA & DVD.

Cholla's Italian art sales go through
The Giudecca Gallery in Venice, Italy

Own a Piece of Cholla's Art!

FineArtBistro/Cholla  (Online & Phone Sales)


Famous Horse Artist Cholla, Paints!
Watch 2009 Video

(How It All Started)

Cholla - The Artist Is A Horse

Cholla had been painting for almost
NINE years, since 2004!
His art has shown in the following galleries and exhibits:

The Nevada Museum of Art, Museum Store 2016
The Featured Artist Nevada City, CA *First Friday October 2015
"Where East Meets West" dA Center for the Arts
Pomona, CA March 9-30 2013
Royal Street Fine Art ~ Aspen, CO ~ Representation 2012
Squaw Valley Art Show, Olympic Valley, CA September 2011
CincyFringe Festival "Art Academy of Cincinnati," June 1-12, 2010
Gallery Giudecca 795 - Venice, Italy, April 24-November 15, 2009
*All Italian Cholla Art sales
are to go through The Giudecca Gallery795*
Walking Horse Gallery & Gifts - Lansing, Michigan, January 2009
The Art Cafe - Davison, Michigan, November 2008
Arte Padova art fair - Padua, Italy, November 2008
Brolo Centro di' Arte e Cultura - Mogliano, Italy, November 2008
Grand National Art Show - San Francisco, April 2008
Gallery 181 - Lawrence, Massachusetts, March 2007
Welcome Grant Gallery - Virginia City, Nevada, Spring 2007
"Visions of Johanna" - Albany, New York, September 2006
Art At Large - New York, New York, June 2006
Art Encounter Gallery - Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2005
Alexandratos Gallery - Reno, Nevada, December 2005

Cholla's art can currently be seen
in Venice, Italy at
Galleria d'arte Guidecca 795
(+39) 340 8798327

Originals & Giclees available.

Giudecca Art Gallery
"Equine artist to make international debut in Italy."

Financial Times - June 2009

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Cholla's Media Coverage

Cholla - The Artist Is A Horse

Click here to see Cholla's media coverage.

Own a Piece of Cholla's Art!

FineArtBistro/Cholla  (Online & Phone Sales)

Cholla - The Artist Is A Horse

Cholla's site has been viewed through Google,
from the following Countries:

USA, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada,
Columbia, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, Finland,
France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan,
Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,
Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia,
South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey,
United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

"Cholla was the only horse I ever owned
He positively loved to paint!
Only Cholla applied paint to his creations, and
no one moved or rotated the paper or easel.
Cholla's art speaks for itself."
Renee Chambers

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Cholla - The Artist Is A Horse

Cholla was Born in the Spring of 1985.
He started painting in the Spring of 2004.
His Spirit Left the Earth in the Spring of 2013.
He Was a Supreme Being
Who Changed the World.

(How It All Started)

Watch Cholla Paint
(45-Second Video)

Watch Cholla Paint


Cholla - The Artist Is A Horse

Click here to enter Cholla's art gallery.

MONTY  ROBERTS ~ The Horse Whisperer
"This is absolutely wild. However you taught your horse to paint,
you are to be commended.  Very smart horse, indeed." 12/04

Monty Roberts "I first came to study the gesture of licking and
chewing in 1948.  It had to do with mustangs that would use this gesture
with other horses in the family group.  I have concluded that it is primarily
a gesture of contentment and relaxation.  At no time, did I ever conclude
that it only followed an episode of violence.

Summer Painting
(60-Second Video)

Famous Horse Artist Cholla, Paints!
Watch 2009 Video

View Cholla In The Snow.
(60-Second Video)

Renee Chambers (Cholla's owner)
has Donated Cholla's Art in
Original and or Fine Art Giclee Print Formats,
to the following Fund Raising Efforts:
( This is partial list.)
Lights Camera Auction Public Television - KNPB Reno, NV
Virginia City, Nevada - Wildlife Protection Association
Humans Enriching Animals Lives - HEAL New York
Kid's & Horses Adaptive Riding - Minden, Nevada
Wild Horse and Burro Exposition - Reno, Nevada
Humane Society Truckee-Tahoe, California
Shakespeare Animal Fund - Reno, Nevada
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Day of the Horse - Aneheim, California
Barbaro Fund for Laminitis Research
Paws at the Park - Reno, Nevada

Included with each piece of art purchased is a 7-minute DVD
of Cholla creating his unique style of art at his easel.
Each piece of Cholla Art is embossed with his profile image
and includes an embossed certificate of authenticity.

Cholla Art For Sale Online
Originals and Fine Art Giclee Prints
Shipped Worldwide
COA & DVD Included

If you would like to purchase
a Cholla Original or a
Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print
through this site,
please visit

FineArtBistro/Cholla (Online & Phone Sales)

The Fine Art Dealer listed above has
different CHOLLA ORIGINALS for sale on their site.
The numbered and documented fine CHOLLA ART
giclee prints are of limited editions!
DVD included.

For further information regarding Cholla Art , please contact
Renee Chambers

Cholla painting at his easel.

View Cholla's Artwork Gallery
Also Newly Released Art From Cholla

Cholla's art is active in contributing to horse
and other animal charities, locally and nationally.
Barbaro Banner
The NTRA charities has established
the Barbaro Memorial Fund to raise
monies for equine health and safety research.
To learn how to contribute to this fund,
please visit

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